It’s a new year, but that hasn’t dimmed the popularity of 2018’s most viral ditty, the inescapable children’s bop “Baby Shark,” that inspired a global dance craze. In fact, the song—whose target audiences is aged 3 and under—seems to have somehow become even more popular.

The shark-themed ear-worm, originally released in 2016, entered at number 32 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the first time this week, after it became eligible due to changes in how the chart weighs older songs. Its Billboard position, ranking above songs by the likes of Ariana Grande and Drake, is due to a combination of streaming growth and the drop-off in seasonal songs post-holiday. “Baby Shark” also netted 3,000 digital downloads in the past week.

Billboard ranks songs using a weighted combination of streams (paid, ad-supported, and programmed, in that order), in addition to radio airplay and sales numbers. That means it doesn’t count the number of times the song’s accompanying music video—a crudely animated song-and-dance video that tells the shark family saga—has been watched.