‘Juice’ is another absolute triumph from the untouchable Lizzo

We’re back! Welcome back to us!

Even if I were hating life right now, I’d probably lie and say that it’s really great to be back and introducing you to the new songs that are being added to Double J this week.

I can assure you, though, that it has been an absolute joy to hear ten fresh new favourites that are getting 2019 started in incredibly strong fashion. My hat remains perpetually tipped to the unbelievable Double J music team.

Here’s ten of the best. Actually, it’s technically 11. Numbers are not my strong suit.

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Lizzo – ‘Juice’

She had one of the best songs of 2018 and, by January 4, Lizzo had already laid down one of the best songs of 2019. I promise you that if I ever get sick of ‘Juice’, I’ll quit dancing forever. And you all know how I love to dance.

Honestly, the staying power of the beyond-infectious ‘Boys’ has been staggering and there is no reason to believe that ‘Juice’ will be any different.

It’s the perfect mix of retro and fresh. A modern disco classic-to-be performed by an artist who is making some of the most fun, empowering and relatable music of anyone in any genre right now. ‘Juice’ is so likable that if you play it for someone who doesn’t have a good time listening to it, you should check their pulse.

If 2019 is the year of Lizzo, it’s going to be a real good one.

Holiday Sidewinder – ‘Whispers’

Who would’ve thought, back in the Bridezilla days, that Holiday Sidewinder would make such an incredible synthpop artist just a couple of years on?

‘Whispers’ stands up with any pop music – mainstream or otherwise – being released today. In fact, it stands taller than most other pop music, because there’s a vulnerability to Sidewinder’s writing and performance that makes us feel closer to her.

If you love this, go back and have a go at her past couple of singles. There’s some real gold there.

Unloved – ‘Love’

A new year is ripe for new musical discoveries. Unloved are the first artist to really grab me this year, as I completely missed their debut album in 2016.

‘Love’ sounds like a really great pop record from the 60s that someone has put through a music-modernising machine, pulled it out halfway through, stepped on it a couple of times, dubbed it to cassette, turned the drums way up

In other words, it’s freaking awesome. You get the joy that those old records bring with some added anarchy. Absolutely brilliant and unlike pretty much anything else that’s out there right now.

Josin – ‘Once Apart’

‘Once Apart’ is such a chillingly beautiful and staggeringly complex piece of music that you’ll want everyone to shut the hell up whenever it comes on the radio. Josin’s voice is flawless and fascinating, like something you’ve heard a million times before but also something completely new. Radiohead fans: get hip to Josin now. You’re gonna love this. Her debut album is out next week!

Le Butcherettes – ‘strong/ENOUGH’

Le Butcherettes are less aggressive but no less powerful on ‘strong/ENOUGH’. It’s an anthemic and empowering indie-rock ballad that swells and soars, showing both the versatility and general bad-arse talent of Teri Gender Bender and her band. Their new album Bi/Mental will be out at the start of February.

Planète – ‘Prism Break’

One day I’ll add up all the nice words I’ve ever written about Planète and put them in a little book which I will keep in my drawer and pull out any time I need reminding how good the guy is.

‘Prism Break’ sees the Melbourne producer continue his unbeaten run of absolutely cracking electro jams. This one gets pretty wonky but once you find yourself in that groove… damn! It’s a

If you loved that excellent Jon Hopkins record from last year and you’re not sweating on Planète yet, you have to fix that ASAP.

Touch Sensitive – ‘G.A.L.’ (ft. Daniel Wilson) 

There’s so much summer left, so plenty of time to make friends with someone who has a swimming pool and throw a party with Touch Sensitive’s ‘G.A.L.’ on repeat. The disco vocal of Daniel Wilson is a perfect fit for the shiny EDM of producer Michael Di Francesco and while this isn’t gonna win any awards for most groundbreaking song of summer, it’s gonna make you feel real good.

The Saboteurs – ‘Sunday Driver’ / ‘Now That You're Gone’

The Saboteurs are back! Over a decade on from their last album, they’re going to deliver their third album some time this year. They’re even heading to Australia really soon!

‘Sunday Driver’ has some serious swagger, but a kind of swagger that we haven’t really heard from Jack White before. It’s fascinating how he can make such subtle changes to his approach and somehow sound completely unlike he has before.

‘Now That You’re Gone’ is a pretty straight classic blues rock number with a really great chorus and some less-than-tasteful but very cool lead guitar shredding.

It’s good, fun rock’n’roll that will make you damn happy to have this band back in your life.

Washington – ‘American Spirit’

This wondrous dark pop song from Washington gives us a clearer indication of what we can expect from her new album, due for release some time this year.

“There’s something magnetic, sinister and glamorous about these scenes I wanted to capture,” Washington said of the song, which is named after the country and not the cigarette brand.

She’s certainly achieved that in a musical sense, I’d argue that the song hits all three of those descriptors within the first couple of seconds. It’s a gripping piece of music.

Dustin Tebbutt – ‘Satellite’

Warm and inviting hushed folk from Dustin Tebbutt from his Chasing Gold EP of last year. It’s as poignant and melancholy as you would expect from him, and once again sees him make some staggeringly rich music with a bare few elements. It’s been a couple of years since his last LP, could we perhaps expect a new one in 2019? Oh, and do you think he looks like Tim Shiel?